Dhrithi Foundation, Mangaluru

The process of education, the preparation for life, the development of individuals’ capacity to be productive members of society is the very essence of a strong nation building mechanism. The civil society depends on educating people to become responsible, thoughtful and enterprising citizens. Not that our ruling class is unaware of these facts. They know it too well. And more than half of India’s vibrant population remains illiterate even after seventy years of independence. Added to this, our schools and colleges are ill equipped, under-staffed and the standards of education are south bound.

Dhrithi Foundation is a group of volunteers [See Trustees] who are interested in supporting the cause of education in a small way as is possible within their capabilities in Mangaluru, south west India.[Objects of Dhrithi Foundation]

In the last 14 years, Dhrithi Foundation, in association with Vidya Poshak, Dharwad, and other donors, has supported 1234 students with an amount of Rs. 86,93,500. Many of the beneficiaries have completed professional education and are now working in India and abroad as engineers, teaching faculties in colleges, bankers etc.

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